Back to School

Successful Back to School Events Start with Summer Promoting

The first few weeks of the school year can be chaotic for both students and parents so it’s important to promote throughout the Summer to maintain interest in your event. Here are a few suggestions we have found that have helped to create successful back to school events:

1. Advertise at local summer camps.
2. Advertise with local businesses and distribute flyers. Try your local gym or grocery stores. Be sure to include what the funds are being raised for in your promotional materials. People are more inclined to participate if it is a cause they can relate to.
3. Reach out! Send out mass emails or phone calls through the school with event details and reminders.
4. Offer incentives such as “First 50 to register will be entered in a chance to win a gift card for back to school supplies!”
5. Ask if your local radio station will do free advertisement for the event in exchange for promotion at your event
6. Create lawn signs to place around the community.
7. Try a social media contest! Tag a friend for the event and enter in a chance to win a prize (free ticket, sunglasses, etc.,)

Try some of these out and see if they work for you! Let your event organizer know if you have any questions or let us know what form of promotion may have worked best for you. Enjoy the rest of your summer!

My School Color Run

What’s that stuff made of anyway?

What’s that stuff made of anyway?

My School Color Run offers two color components for our events. Knowing that we have participants of all ages, we wanted to make sure our color stations were suitable for everyone. That means instead of the traditional powder station (you know the ones that leaves little to no color on your shirt but the ground looks like it’s having a great time, ya that one), we use liquid spray stations, which is a combination of water and 100% FD&C and/or D&C grade food dyes. Volunteers use the provided 8 sprayers to apply the color to the runners’ bodies as they pass by, being mindful to aim below the head and neck. With the additional control the volunteers have by using the sprayers, the liquid spray stations require little to no clean up which is a huge plus!

(NOTE: We recommend all color is used outside, in a well-ventilated area, and over concrete or grass.)

The runners’ colorful and slightly wet shirts will provide a wonderful canvas for the second color component, the powder celebration, which takes place after the run. Our individual color packets are proudly made in the USA and each participant will receive their own packet to toss. We do recommend participants wear a bandana and sunglasses to cover their nose, mouth, and eyes. You’ll want to designate a well-ventilated area for the powder packets to be used. The powder packets are made with high quality cornstarch and food dyes. However, our products are not intended for consumption. After the event is over we recommend you “dust off” your clothes before washing. The color will wash out of most everything but you can apply a stain remover if needed. Remember, the earlier you get to a stain the better the chance you have of it coming out. As for the ground, simply running the sprinklers or just waiting for mother nature to take its course will solve the problem. The only sign left of your event taking place should be the awesome action shots you took during the color toss and your participants smiling faces!

If you would like a copy of the Safety Data Sheets please contact your personal event coordinator.

Event login page

FAQ – “How do I find my event page?” Eventbrite login

If you’ve decided to take advantage of using online registration for your event you’ll need to know how to access the page.

After your MSCR event coordinator has created your page be on the look out for a special email. “You’ve been granted access as a sub-user.” Follow the link provided in the email to create your profile. (This link is good for a one time use so disregard that email once you’ve completed your profile.)

The next time you login to Eventbrite it’s going to look a little different. You’ll have to find your event page by doing the following:

  • Visit
  • In the upper right hand corner, you’ll click sign in (if you don’t see this option then follow the next step)
  • After you enter your username and password you’ll go back up to the upper right hand corner. This time you’ll click the profile icon then select “manage events.”

There you go! It’s as easy as that. The beautiful part of using online registration is, you don’t have to set up a single thing! Your event coordinator will be creating the entire page for you based off your custom event answers you’ve provided. If you still have questions or need login help, you can contact your personal MSCR event coordinator today.

Registration Pricing

Registration Pricing

If it’s your first time hosting a My School Color Run you may be wondering how much you should charge for someone to attend your event. There’s a few things to consider when you’re selecting your pricing scale and this simple guide will walk you through it.

The right registration price should reflect the value of your event and help you reach your fundraising goal. The pricing scale should be easy to understand and your deadlines made clear. Offering online registration will boost overall sales all while making it easier for your participants to register. Follow these guidelines below so you’re prepared to host your event.

First, let’s start with a “basic registration setup”.

The simplest way to set up your registration fee is to offer two ticket types: student and non-students.

  Early Late Event Day
Student $20 $25 $30
Non student $30 $40 $50


You can see that students will receive a discounted price to help encourage their involvement. Getting the students of your school to attend your event should be a main priority. Non-student pricing covers anyone outside of the school who wants to join like the students’ parents or avid runners looking for a fun time. Your student pricing can also extend to teachers, admin, and anyone else at the school who is looking to get involved.

MUST HAVE #1 an early registration fee and a late fee. Why? Because an increase in price will ENCOURAGE early sign up. People who sign up early tell other people. The price increase between your early and late pricing needs to be significant enough to where it entices participants to register early. We suggest no less than a $5 increase. Your deadline for early registration can be based off a select date or you can choose to offer early pricing to the first X amount of participants who register. Be strict and clear with your deadlines and you will see the positive response.

If you have more than 12+ weeks to promote your event you can include one more level of registration. This would be the early bird pricing in the example below. REMEMBER: the more people you can get to sign up early, the larger your event will be! Don’t stress about taking on a few less dollars for your early sign ups. The majority of events gather the most participants within the last 5 weeks leading up to the actual event date.

This example is for those who start to promote earlier than 12 weeks from your event date.

*Note: Most events do not start prior to 12 weeks but if you’re ready to go we do encourage you to do so and the Early Bird Pricing will get people interested!
Taking the basic setup a step further would likely include a line for Children to register. For those 5 and under, we suggest you offer FREE admission (with no promotional items included).

MUST HAVE #2 group pricing.

Another way to encourage sign ups is offering group pricing for families. Larger events tend to draw large groups and/or teams that would like to register together. Offer a special rate so large groups, families, or companies who are interested in attending the event can make it happen.


Knowing how much you’d like to raise from your event is a great starting point to selecting your prices. You know your cost to us is $12 per participant so anything you choose to charge over that amount is going to be 100% your profit to keep. On average, the starting registration price ranges from $25-$30 and increases by $5-$10 for late fees. The exact pricing you choose is up to you. Take your demographics into account and also, the additional activities you plan on having at the actual event itself. If you’re offering other activities, pre and post race, participants are going to be more likely to see the worth in the price of admission.

Remember: don’t start your pricing too low, you can always offer discounts later. Flash sales are a tool that can be used to boost participation and can be listed as a percentage off or dollar amount off. The key with flash sales is to drive registration in a short period of time so don’t let the offer run for too long or there will not be any urgency for the participant to take advantage of the deal.

Correct pricing for your event is crucial to hosting a successful fundraiser. If you still aren’t sure how much to charge, your My School Color Run event coordinator will be there to help you figure out all the details.

Attracting Sponsors

Attracting Sponsors

A successful fundraiser requires a lot of time and effort to be put into it. One aspect that many tend to miss out on it’s fullest potential, is obtaining sponsorship. Obtaining business sponsors may seem overwhelming and scary at first but the reward is well worth the effort! The good news is, sponsorships give businesses better returns than traditional efforts and advertising.

So, how do you get those sponsors in the first place?
Take these steps to get the most out of your fundraiser!

    • Brainstorm a list of sponsors with your group. Many parents may own their own businesses or know local business owners.
    • Place a call to the prospective sponsor. You’ll want to have your proposal and the facts about your event ready to go. Who will be there? What are the demographics? What’s your marketing plan for the event? What are the sponsorship fees/options to select from? Etc. Most importantly, make your proposal more about THEM than you. Show them how sponsoring your event will help benefit their company and in turn, accomplish their advertising goals.
    • Are you raising money for a specific group, cause, or family? Sponsors like to align themselves with a partner who is bettering the community. Let your sponsor know that you’ve selected a fundraising company that allows you to keep 100% of the donations you receive. They will be more likely to give to a fundraiser that aligns with how they want to be seen to the community.
    • Follow up after your phone call or meeting. A personalized letter or email is key. Thank them for their support, finalize the agreement, and collect your fees.

Not sure what to offer your sponsors? Start with the three most popular items: offer space on the back of your t-shirts, goodie bags with their promotional material enclosed, or booth space at your event.

  • Most importantly, don’t let your hard work go to waste!
    Select a fundraising program that allows you to keep maximum profit. My School Color Run’s goal is that each event is as financially successful as possible. This means that every penny you bring in through donations and sponsorships is yours to keep.

Obtaining sponsorships should be a main point of focus if you’re looking to host a successful event. Developing important relationships with those in your community will provide you with the stability you’ll need to grow your fundraiser year after year.

Direct Mailers Boost Funds

Direct Mailers Boost Funds

Technology, while fast, reliable, and effective, can only offer so much. The one thing it can feel like it’s missing is that special touch like the feeling you get when you receive a personalized letter in the mail or a package at your door.

You’re going to have an awesome event and you want people to know about it! Lawn signs can grab the attention of your local audience but a piece of mail directly to their home will make a big impact.

Here’s a few key tips to keep in mind when sending your direct mailers:

  • Hand write the address. A personalized letter will always add a special touch and is more likely to be opened.
  • Be informative and clear about how they can make their donation or sign up for your event. Offering an online option can help boost the amount you receive.
  • Be thankful for their support and consider offering specials for those who donate a certain amount.
  • Stay in touch with your donors! After the event, it’s nice to send out one final thank you to all those who donated. They will feel appreciated and remember the experience.
Motivating Students to Take Action

Motivating Students to Take Action

If you’re going to have any success with a fundraiser motivating students should be one of your main objectives. Here’s a list of 4 ways you can get your student body involved.

1. Lead by example: Are you signed up for your own event? Show your students how much fun it is to be able to host their own My School Color Run at your school. Have as many willing, high energy teachers sign up (you can even offer them a special discount!). The more this event is talked about in the classroom and around campus, the more likely the event will draw a larger crowd.

2. Praise: What do your students enjoy? Are there any special privileges they could receive for raising a minimum fundraising goal? Offering rewards in any shape or form can help drive the results you want. Sometimes a little praise and recognition is enough. If you’re looking for an idea though, some colorful sunglasses are a hit and pleases everybody!

3. Set expectations, have a defined goal, and Track Progress: When you set a goal, more often than not you tend to reach it. Come up with a fundraising goal with your event coordinator and post up to date fundraising stats around campus and online. With 24/7 access to your Eventbrite page you’ll know exactly how many people are signed up, how much you’ve received in donations, and just exactly how your fundraiser is coming along. Share those special results with your audience!

4. Use technology: Connections to students’ lives can help build a strong relationship. Offer easy ways for them to sign up, like online registrations. Sign up for Instagram and Facebook and make frequent posts about what’s going on. If the students are too young to be online, find a way to reach the parents. More than likely there’s an email list you can get your hands on to announce this special event!

Active Fundraisers Gaining Momentum

Active Fundraisers Gaining Momentum

Out with the old and in with the new. Long gone the days of selling chocolate bars and gift wrap to your neighbors. A new era is upon us and it’s looking like a bright and healthy future for everyone. Active fundraisers like color runs and walk-a-thons are popping up all across the nation and there’s no surprise as to why. People want experiences, not things.

These family oriented events provide a myriad of benefits; from helping children form physical activity habits to drawing large crowds, these social events tend to raise a lot of funds. You could call it a well rounded event that brings the community together to create memories.

If it’s time for a change or your old fundraisers just aren’t cutting it anymore it may be time to find an active fundraiser. On top of the actual event day many events implement a training component which gets the kids and adults running to prep for the big day. Captivate your town with an event like no other and reap the rewards that will last a lifetime.

Online Registration Boosts Funds

Online Registration Boosts Funds

Online Registration provides a TON of benefits which is why the majority of our events decide to use both paper and online resources to allow participants to sign up for their event.

Here’s 10 reasons why you should consider using an online registration site:

1. A custom URL make it’s easy to share and promote your event to EVERYONE.
2. More are more people are paying by CC and now you’re able to accept those payments hassle free. They also have a manual input section which allows you to add all of your paper registrants’ information which means your registration information is organized together in one spot.
3. Local or not, those looking to donate can do so right on your page! Online registration sites allow for you to accept donations and sell items on top of taking registrations.
4. Correct and up to date information is KEY when hosting an outdoor event. Quickly inform participants of any updates or changes to your event with on online registration site. You can even go a step further and add a FAQ section or they can send questions directly to your email with the click of a button.
5. Each attendee receives an email confirmation when they register. This even includes the manually inputted paper registrants so long as they provided their email address.
6. Special Access Codes and Discounts can be set up in seconds!
7. Your participants cover all CC processing and service fees so you don’t lose out on any funds!
8. Mulit-user access provides the ability for both you and MSCR to view, edit, and manage the page.
9. 24/7 Support offered by Eventbrite.
10. Export your entire list of participants (including shirt sizes etc). to an organized Excel spreadsheet, you can use as a check-in list on your event day.

BONUS! You receive bi-weekly payouts which is a My School Color Run exclusive and we’re going to help set up the entire page for you.

Collect money

How Do I Collect $MONEY

We know the importance of smart budgeting and so we’ve designed our program to where you’ll collect all of the funds directly before you pay us a dime. This means you’ll only pay us at the start of the program with your $100 deposit and then once more after you place your order. You pay $12 per participant and deduct your deposit from the final amount due. During the entire program, every bit of money raised will go directly to you.

Whether you’re only accepting paper registrations (check/cash) or if you’ve decided to accept paper AND online registrations your school will be collecting all payments directly. All checks are made out to you and sent to your school.

What this means for you is that you have funds to play with before your actual event day. Budgeting is very important, so what you decide to do with these funds is very critical to hosting a successful fundraiser. There are a few things we’ll recommend you do to invest in and that’s all covered in our Official My School Color Run Program Guide. You’ll receive a copy of this once you’re signed on to host an event. Click here to read more about budgeting for your event.

Eventbrite is a third party site and My School Color Run does not receive, handle, or take ANY portion of the online funds. The credit card processing and service fees associated with Eventbrite are covered 100% by your participants. Any online registration site will require some sort of fee to process payments but at this time Eventbrite is the only site we can help you manage.

Your participants are charged the following fees to register on your custom page: 5.5% of your ticket price + $0.99. Neither you or My School Color Run will collect any of that fee money. You will however, receive the FULL TICKET PRICE you’ve charged to your participants in bi-weekly partial payments. We do not take our $12/participant fee from Eventbrite since all checks are made out to you. You will send us our fee after you send in your order. All current payout information will be located on the Manage Page of Eventbrite.

Although Eventbrite is a third party site you do get some advantages when we help set up your page. One of those benefits is the early payouts. You will collect your payouts bi-weekly up until your event day so long as participants are signing up during those given two weeks. Five days following your event, Eventbrite will issue you your last check.

Basically, you pay the deposit. Your participants, sponsors, and donation money will go DIRECTLY TO YOU, you order supplies, and then you pay us when you receive your final invoice.

  • $100 to start
  • You begin to collect donations, sponsorships, and event registrations.
  • You’ll directly receive all cash and checks from the donor mailers, sponsors, and paper registrants.
  • Online Registration and Donations will come to you in forms of bi-weekly partial payments (from Eventbrite). Your final payout from Eventbrite will be sent 5 days after your event day.
  • MSCR does not receive, handle, or take any portion of your online sales