Q: How much money can we expect to raise?
A: Amounts raised vary greatly based on the energy put into the program. It’s very important to have an active leader for this program. When you sign up for MSCR we will give you a full estimate and budget based on your school size. Contact us for case studies.

Q: It says that we will need 12 weeks to plan for our event, why is that?
A: We’ve built our program around the twelve week lead time because our experience shows that this is the optimal time to complete all the steps in our program and promote your run. We charge a higher deposit for a lesser amount of lead time because it requires more resources on our part.

Q: What is the deposit for?
A: Once you sign and return an agreement with us we will send you an invoice for the deposit, which will be credited towards your final bill. We will be investing a lot of time and resources to get your event up and running and this helps us ensure that our resources are being used effectively. The minimum deposit is $250 and the maximum is $500, depending on the amount of lead time provided.

Q: Do I have to charge $25?
A: We use $25 as a benchmark to demonstrate the cost/benefits of the program and calculate how much can be raised from each participant. You can charge any amount that you like.

Q: What is the typical distance for a My School Color Run?
A: The typical distance is around 3 miles but you get to decide on the length of course. You can even run a shorter loop course several times.

Q: What is the fundraising mailing program? Do I have to do this part?
A: Yes. It’s an integral part of the overall program. You school/club keeps 100% of these funds. Plus it will help to spread the word about your event.

Q: I’ve never planned an event before, will I be able to pull this off?
A: Yes! Remember, we partner with you throughout the process. You will benefit from our years of event planning and fundraising experience.

Q: What is the color made of? How to we distribute the color? What about our kids with asthma/breathing issues?
A: Our My School Color Run has 2 color components. First, there is the liquid color (liquid food coloring mixed with water) which is sprayed throughout the course.

The second color component is the powder color packets (corn starch with food coloring). We recommend that the kids with asthma / breathing issues not be in the middle of the final color powder celebration.

Q: Can we use our school track for the event?
A: No, you should not use your school track as part of this event. There are so many different types of tracks & surface compositions we cannot guarantee that the color will not stain a track. We recommend that the liquid color stations and finish line be on a grassy area for ease of cleanup (rinse away or let Mother Nature wash it away or let the grass grow out and mow it away).

Q: Can we use city streets for our event?
A: Yes, some clients do have their events on city streets. Please be aware that this process can add to your planning time and your bottom line. There are typically additional permits to be obtained, approvals, additional insurance and added expenses for police details and/or road closures. Most of our clients use their school grounds or even the grounds of a nearby, larger school if more space is required.

Q: Can we get companies / local businesses to sponsor our event?
A: Yes, and you keep 100% of all sponsorships! This is your event and we want you to bring in as much additional fundraising revenue as possible around the event. Some clients have a festival around the event and provide an opportunity for sponsors/vendors to be present on site in exchange for their sponsorship.

Q: What do the t-shirts look like? Can we add our school logo? Sponsor logo?
A: The t-shirts are plain white t-shirts in both kids and adult sizes. The front has a large ‘My School Color Run’ logo on it and the back side is completely blank. We can send you a picture of the t-shirts upon request. A plain white t-shirt allows for a canvas to display the color prominently on the shirt during and after the event. The t-shirts we provide are pre-printed and ready to ship so the turnaround time is as fast as possible. Any special design you’d like to add would need to be done locally. What we can do is have you place your order a little earlier than scheduled. We highly suggest you get in touch with a local printer as soon as possible to discuss the additional time it will require to have everything printed. Once you have that information we can adjust your order date if necessary. (We can also direct ship to the printer when that time comes.)

Q: When do we order supplies and how is our final bill calculated?
A: Two weeks before the event you will contact us with your final number of participants and at that time we will prepare a final invoice for your supplies and ship them to you. The final bill will equal the number or participants x $12 and then we will credit the deposit towards your bill at this time.

Q: What is included in each $12/per participant kit?
A: Each participant will receive a My School Color Run t-shirt, Vytek race bib, and an individual color packet.

Q: Can I accept registrations after we place our final order for supplies?
A: Yes, you can. The key here is to estimate how many registrants you will get in the last 2 weeks before the event and add this number to your final order. In our experience we have found that this number ranges from 15-25 and those who want to participate but cannot make the deadline will communicate that to you so your estimate will be very close to the actual number of final participants.

Q: How do I get started?
A:  Once you have finalized an event date, an event location, and signed off on permissions and approvals from the school and/or Principal, Superintendent, Board, etc, we’ll send you an Agreement. Having the details in place before signing the agreement allows you to begin focusing on the planning, promotion and mailing program from day one. You’ll then need to sign and return our Agreement form and pay a deposit. We’ll help you every step of the way after that!